How I EASILY dropped 12 pounds in 3 months: Ketosis Cookbook review

If you are thinking about buying the Ketosis Cookbook: Melt the Fat Away, please take a minute to read about my experience with the program. My weight loss results might be a surprise to you given how little effort I put into losing weight.

Hi there!Ketosis Cookbook Review

My name is Allen and for the past three months, I have been using the ketosis cookbook to lose body fat and tone up my body in the process as well. To be perfectly honest, I am a bit taken aback by the results I have been able to achieve in such a short amount of time.

I will share more about this in a second later in my Ketosis Cookbook review, but first I would love to talk a little about myself.

At 37 years old, before I started the program, I had put on some considerable weight over the years. I have no excuse for this- I had not been exercising or eating well for the past few years at all.

Before I started to use the cookbook I was overweight and out of shape. My belly fat seemed to accumulate just a little bit more every single week. My arms and chest began to become saggy as I began to accumulate more and more weight.

Keep in mind, I wasn’t morbidly obese before I started to use the recipes. However, the weight gain certainly was noticeable and I certainly did not like the look of myself with a dozen or so extra pounds hanging off of my flabby stomach. Not at all.

The worst part of it all…

What was possibly worst part of this obesity was how I felt physically.

Partly because I was out of shape and partly because I wasn’t keeping a good diet, I felt fatigued constantly. It was the sort of fatigue that you would feel if you were sleep deprived except I felt that way every waking hour of the day.

The lack of energy I felt was significantly lowering my quality of life. My constant fatigue made me feel mentally slowed down and physically as well. It was as if the lack of energy from my body was fogging up my head.

Of course, because I wasn’t jazzed about how I looked in the mirror, my self-esteem really wasn’t in a good place either. I slowly was becoming less confident than I used to be.

feeling sad

Ultimately I wasn’t feeling like myself and I knew I needed to make a change.

In my twenties, I was exercised quite frequently, and I knew that working out regularly would help my situation. However, back then I knew my metabolism was firing at a much faster rate so I knew that it really didn’t matter all to much what I ate. My body was robust enough to handle eating an entire pizza in one sitting.

However, being close to 40 years old I knew that I needed to take some extra measures to get my body into shape. I began doing some research here and there to figure out what I needed to do to burn fat and tone my muscles up. Reading through about a dozen articles I began to realize that diet was more important than I previously thought when it comes to weight loss.

I realized that if I wanted to really do something about my weight, exercise was important but eating habits were significantly more important. Although it up to debate how much diet really plays into weight loss, many sources I have read through claim that weight loss is 70 percent diet and only 30 percent exercise.

Knowing this, I made a real effort to figure out how to change my diet so that I could lose weight. That’s when I came across the concept of the keto diet.


What is the keto diet?

What is the keto diet

I stumbled across the idea of the keto diet while doing my research. This concept sparked my interest initially because I love fats to be honest and this diet allowed for fat consumption.

The ketogenic diet or keto diet involves lowering the number of carbs you eat and replacing those carbs with extra proteins and healthy fats. From there, your body goes into a state of ketosis where your body begins to utilize fats to function instead of carbs. When your body goes into the natural state of ketosis the liver produces kidney stones which become the main source of energy for the body. The appeal for the diet is that with the ketogenic diet you still have the freedom to eat fats and meat while only limiting the number of carbs you eat. Not only that but I found that the diet was great for weight loss.

The diet looked great to me. The thought of eating pretty much all the healthy fats and meats that I wanted while sacrificing some carbs seemed great to me. To be honest, I do enjoy carbs, but replacing them with meats and healthy fats seemed like a good compromise for me. In addition, the keto diet has tons of health benefits aside from weight loss including

  • Clearer skin
  • Improving heart health
  • Potentially reducing seizures
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Increased energy

I began to look for various ketogenic cookbooks that I could use to start on my ketogenic diet.

I wanted to find a good cookbook that…

  • Had easy to follow recipes
  • Had easy to make recipes
  • Presented delicious recipes I could make

Keto diet cooking

Frankly I have never been Gordon Ramsay when it comes to cooking. I am not the kind of guy that wants to spend the entire day preparing dinner after following lines and lines of intricate instructions.

What I wanted was a collection of recipes that were simple, straight to the point and easy to make. Frankly, I have a pretty hectic life with my two kids, and a full-time job so I wanted a cookbook that was simple to follow as possible.

…and of course, I wanted the food to taste good as well (oh and believe me it did…)

At some point, I stumbled across the ketosis cookbook. It sparked my interest at first because the recipes just looked so good that I couldn’t help but to do some more digging. I started looking up some reviews for the cookbook. After reading some stories of how people were able to shed weight by simply following the recipes in this book I decided to give it a go.


My experience with the Ketosis Cookbook

Upon first skimming the book I was again taken aback at how good the food looked in the recipes. I decided to try a few of them out and after about the 4rth recipe I made, I knew that the book was worth the money. Not only did the meals taste good but they were also super easy to make.

ketosis cookbook recipes                    ketosis cookbook recipes

ketosis cookbook recipe                    ketosis cookbook recipe                     ketosis cookbook recipes

A few of my favorite recipes 

I was surprised at the level of detail in the cookbook. I mean it has 370 unique recipes in it. Many other cookbooks I had come across had only a couple dozen but this cookbook had instructions for pretty much any keto dish you could ever want. Of course, there were a series of categories that divided these recipes so that they were easy to find. In addition, a shopping list was also provided so that you could easily pick up the necessary ingredients at the grocery store to make the recipes.

The creativity of the recipes was also a pretty big sticking point for me. There are recipes for low car bread, muffins, and biscuits that really don’t taste too much different than regular bread, muffins, and biscuits. I never could imagine that you could get away with eating these sort of foods on a ketogenic diet but by following these recipe instructions you certainly can.

I used to think that ketogenic dieting could potentially be bland but the recipes in the cookbook keep you on your toes.


My personal transformation

ketosis cookbook results              ketosis cookbook results

In the first picture to the left, I weighed 183 pounds and I had about 20 percent body fat. At that time I began to cook with the ketosis cookbook for all my meals.

To me, it really wasn’t so much of a diet but rather a minor lifestyle change. I didn’t dread eating the food that I was eating… it was simply a change in the food that I would normally eat. I couldn’t complain since the food was delicious, to begin with.

Three months later I changed a great amount. I am now 171 pounds and about 15 percent body fat. I was feeling amazingly energized and in shape like I was in my 20s again.

For full disclosure, I was working out a little bit in this time frame but only for about 90 minutes a week total.


How the book is laid out

  1. Appetizers and dipsKetosis Cookbook Review
  2. Beef dishes
  3. Poultry dishes
  4. Pork dishes
  5. Salads
  6. Sauces and marinades
  7. Seafood
  8. Side dishes
  9. Snacks
  10. Soups & Stews
  11. Breakfast
  12. Low Carb Breads, biscuits, and muffins
  13. Condiments and dressings
  14. Fish
  15. Vegetarian dishes
  16. Desserts

In addition to the main cookbook, you also get a series of bonus cookbooks as well including…

Bonus 1: Keto desserts

Bonus 2: Keto Slow Cooker recipes

Bonus 3: 12-Week Meal Plan

Bonus 4: The Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet


Is it right for you?

ketosis cooking

I would say that the Ketosis Cookbook is right for you if you meet any of the following requirements I have listed below

  1. You want to lose weight like I did. If you are overweight and are looking for an effective way to lose weight relatively fast, this is worth a shot
  2. You want to diet but don’t want to sacrifice eating good tasting meals for bland and unsatisfying meals
  3. Perhaps you want easy to make recipes that are actually good for you
  4. You don’t want to spend too much time making healthy meals
  5. Maybe you are tired of making the same meals week after week and are interested in trying some different meals out from hundreds of choices.


Some things to keep in mind…

take note

Although I could go on and on about how good my experience was with the diet and the benefits of the cookbook there are some negatives that you need to keep in mind.

The cookbook only comes in a digital version. This is an issue for some but for me it’s not really an inconvenience at all. I can simply use my tablet to follow the recipes.

In addition, I cant say that all the recipes in the book are simple, easy to make, and fast to make. Of course, there are numerous recipes that are complex and do take some time to prepare. However, in a book loaded with 370 recipes, there are plenty of easy to make recipes to choose from.

Lastly, some have found that 370 recipes can lead to information overload. I would recommend trying a few recipes from each category at first to figure out which ones you like and then continue on from there.

Conclusion: Ketosis Cookbook Reviewverdict for ketosis cookbook

I really only have positive things to say about the Ketosis Cookbook: melt the fat away.

Going from 183 pounds to 171 pounds was a pretty life-changing transformation for me and I have to give the Ketosis Cookbook much of the credit.

As mentioned before, using the cookbook is less like dieting but rather a lifestyle change. When you hear “diet” you would assume that you would be eating bland, flavorless food until all the life is sucked out of you.

However, nearly all the food outlined in the cookbook is not only incredibly good for you but delicious as well. You don’t feel like you are “dieting” at all when you are eating this well.

This is the key reason why I found it so easy to lose weight. I have tried other diets in the past that were just too bland to continue indefinitely. With these easy to make, delicious recipes, I found that I could lose weight pretty effortlessly.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you all the best!


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